Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Its been a while

Just a "short" update:
My trip to Chile was great. The wedding was beautiful. There was nonstop dancing until 5 AM, only because they kicked everybody out at that time.
The rest of the trip was very relaxing. Just what I needed.
While I was gone, the kids did very well with daddy and Gina. They were happy to get mama back too.
Ethan is doing great in school. He does his homework without any major complaints and learns his vocabulary words quite fast. He seems to be 'getting' the whole reading thing lately.
Fifi has given us all a big surprise because she will be reevaluated in order to place her in another class, because the teacher feels she is ready for the next level. We do not know where she will be placed. We do know that it will be another school, so we will have to deal with the schedules again. We have been reading up and the next level would mean a classroom with a few normal children as well as autistic ones, where they will focus on social skills and communication. We are so berry proud of her.
The meeting is November 21st
Bibi is doing great. she continues to show progress. The teacher believes she will benefit from this class until the end of the year. She did say that she will probably be going into another class for the next school year. Which is very encouraging because at the beggining of the year she thought the girls were going to be with her for both Prek years.
Hallooween came and went and it kind of got away from us. I have not been able to post the pictures because as I was getting ready to do it my camera ran out of batteries AND of course I cannot find the charger. Just one of those things where I know I put it away some where all nice and comfy, and now its just waiting for me to remember where. As soon as I do, I will post the pictures. I will say that they are not great pictures. The girls were going to be Cinderella (B) and Snow White(F), but when it came time to put the costumes on they did not tolereate them, so instead they were pirates again. The benefits of having children who grow mostly tall and not wide. Ethan was Diego. He was a very good Diego and was saving animals all over the place. He even had his little baby jaguar. We did not go TT because there didn't seem to be much going on out there. The girls were not in a good place and mama was alone with them, and that's just not enough hands when little pirates are having fits. It was so dead that we had only one "kid" who was about my hight, come to the house at about 8 when I was getting ready to put everybody down. Ethan took it very well and he is already planning next year's costume. For now he has decided to be Tom and Jerry. I know its a year away but this kid does not change his mind very easily about his costumes. He takes it very seriously.
In the meantime I leave you with this, Dan and I were leaves for a halloween party. So if you just have to see somebody dressed up, here we are. I think we are just as cute as the kids.

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