Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween Pictures

I finally found the charger
Here are the pictures, like I said before, pirates=not happy
Wait a minute... are they kissing?
Nope, they are fighting. This is what they are doing now. Fiona must chin Bianca and in turn Bianca hits Fiona with her head. Then they both cry. Then mama makes them kiss, and they forget all about it. Until a couple of minutes later.
Oh, but look... here is Diego and Baby Jaguar to the rescue!
And that smile fixes everything.
Happy Halloween!
Maybe next year.


tia pretty said...

fabulous pics. sorry to hear about the fighting. but you're right - 'diego's' smile makes it all ok. just one question - are his new teeth ever going to grow in??? --christie

SunMoonStar said...

Uh yeth?

Yea his teeth sould be coming in soon. The one he has is already loose and I think his gum is starting to get a little swollen. But really he looks so cute that way:)

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