Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Still Here

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write on this little blog.
We got back from vacation, and haven’t had much down time since. It’s a good thing we were able to have a little time off before the insanity began.
The kiddies started school. The girls had their EEG’s that same week. We had Ethan transferred to the girl’s school. Dan started school yesterday, so now coming home at 8:30 is the “early” night.
We are settling into some sort of schedule now, and the kids have been wonderful through all the changes.
Ethan really liked his first school and was not sure about having to switch, but he has adjusted very well and I think this school is a little better for him. The class is smaller, and the teacher seems to be more experienced.
He gets a weekly homework package that he has to bring back on Fridays. He does most of his week’s homework on Monday so he doesn’t have to do any more homework during the week. He’s a mart little guy.
The girls are doing so well. Their teacher is great, she has two autistic kids of her own (which is the reason for her becoming a special ed teacher) and she loves her job. She loves all the kids in the class and it really shows. We get little reports back every day, which makes me very happy. They look something like this:
My appetite today was: Good/Fair/Poor {except for the first day, which was fair} its always Good.
During rest time I slept: Yes/No. This one is always No. But now they are laying down the whole 30 min.
My mood today was: Happy/Playful/Cooperative/Tired/Fussy/Sad/Uncooperative. This one is always Happy and Playful. The first couple of days they got a Sad and an Uncooperative. Understandable I think.

I am now preparing myself for my trip to Chile. I’m having a lot of trouble with leaving everybody for 2 weeks. October 5th to the 17th. Dan will be going to school during the day, while the kids are in school. Then we are having my “aunt” who’s not really my aunt but my second cousin I think, she is my dad’s cousin’s wife. She will stay with the kids while Dan goes out to see some patients. Sounds like we have it all figured out doesn't it?
Gina, my “aunt cousin” is great, she has 5 kids so she knows a little something about kids. She also has a little 6 year old, Gisel, so Ethan will have someone to play with. Gisel’s best friend is autistic so they also know a little something about dealing with the girls. She will be coming over during the next weeks so the kids will get used to her, and she can see the kids “in action”.
I’m sure there is a lot more to tell but right now I just want to get something out there.
I have been updating the pictures, so even if there is nothing new on this site you can always check the flickr site.

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