Saturday, September 15, 2007

More good things

Ethan has gone back to the ENT and his hearing is getting much better. His treatments are working and they won't need to put tubes in his ears.
The girls are doing great they are playing so much more with little man. He loves to make them laugh and it's the cutest thing. IMG_6126.JPG
Bianca has a little friend at school that likes to feed her. He puts her cheese in her mouth and also helps her with her water. Apparently they are adorable. IMG_6147.JPG
I whish I could go to school and watch them. They do so many things. They dance, play, color, paint, they have a little water table where they fish letters out, they all walk to the cafeteria holding hands with their lunch boxes on their arms. They have a very cute class. They are the only girls and they are the tallest apart from one little boy who is already four. The class seems to be at a similar level. The teacher says she is very happy with her class this year. There aren't any kids with aggressive behaviors, and they all seem to work together quite well.
School is really helping the girls and I am so thankful for this program.

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Shadow Friends said...

Great kids, great family! You are blessed. Nice blog.