Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now That We are Back

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We had a very busy holiday season, and things are finally getting back to normal, or, as normal as this little family can get.
We had a lovely Christmas at Nan and Grandpa's even with all of us getting sick. We do like to spend time with family, and we are grateful that we have been able to do so. It does seem that all this traveling, and being away from home really takes a toll on my little ones, and although we wish things were easier while we are on vacation, the girls really do have a harder time connecting. Perhaps its the craziness going on around them, with so many people in the house that leaves them a little out of the loop. Maybe its their mama getting sick and Daddy being so tired from the constant attention they require, making sure that they don't get into too much trouble. Maybe they just miss home. I suppose its all of this and perhaps more.
I do believe that even with their issues, they do know what is going on. They may not show it, but they do feel everything that is going on around them. They know that when they are at Nan and Grandpa's they are loved.
I know this because now that we are back, and they are more "here", they talk about everyone. Nan, Grandpa, the tias, and their little cousin. They remember everybody, and they mention at least one person every day. They may not tell us directly, but they know us. They may not be able to express themselves in a typical way, but they do show through their ramblings, and spontaneous "Christmas at Nan and Grandpa in December" that they experienced everything in their own way. Their world comes together in a very different way and at a different rate, but I'm sure, that as they get older, and they are able to express themselves in a way that we can understand, they will tell us all about what they saw and heard and felt, when they were little. We will all be in their memories and hearts.

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