Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We are Back!

We had such a great time this past week. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We were able to go to the pool every day, and even twice on some days. We played mini-golf almost every day too. The kids had so much fun playing in the water. Ethan was soo happy he kept telling us all that he loved us. He got to play with his big cousins who were very helpful and would watch him when we were in the water while Lela and I watched the little ones. The girls would not stop smiling the whole time they were swimming around. Bianca just sang the hole time and Fifif was sure she could swim. We did take some pictures in the pool, I should have them soon. The girls were also very good about leaving the pool. There were no major meltdowns.
Dan went up to get us on Saturday and we went to The Magic Kingdom. It was the hottest day ever. We survived and had a very nice time doing it. We asked for a handicap pass so that we would not have to wait in line. It was a great idea. We were able to get in to all the rides almost right away and the girls kept it together pretty well. Leaving the rides was trickier, they had meltdowns at the beginning because they didn't want it to end of course. They got the hang of it by the fourth or fifth time. They realized that we would go on to something else.
Bianca's favorite ride was It's a Small World, and she would cry and try to go in there every time we passed by. Ethan says his favorite one was the jungle boat ride where we saw the elephants, hippos, Tiger, and snakes. Fifi I believe also liked It's a Small World. She went and sat on her own, and was dancing to the music. She looked very happy in there.
The Dumbo ride was great too. Bianca would say "Yey elephant!" and clap while we were waiting in line.
Over all it was a successful trip, and we are very glad to have been able to take our little ones on vacation where they got to do so many fun things

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