Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Empanadas Anyone?

Still Thursday. It rained in the afternoon so Ethan and I made cheese empanadas. He had three of them, and if we had made more he probably would have asked for more

Bianca just pokes a hole in them and then proceeds to only eat the cheese.

Fiona takes her time (as with everything) and east the whole thing.



tia pretty said...

i just want to eat them up!!! and the empanadas, too. figures that bianca is my godchild...the one who just eats the gooey cheese.
mmm, gooey cheese......
i love getting to see more of the kidlets!!
tia pretty

Gabriela V. said...

Dude what's up with those empanadas? hook it up man! these damn kids are such cuties, makes you want to pay you guys to have more!
big kisses for everyone :)